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my photography is NOT stock.
please do not use or edit my work without my express, written permission, thank you!

99% of the photos in this gallery are depictions of my personal characters, please do not use them for your roleplaying, writing, graphics, etc.
repost is ok with link back/credit!
i've been cleaning up this place lately, but i thought i'd leave one last message behind before really leaving it.

it's been years, i must apologize first of all for that. thank you to anyone who has kept me in their watches despite that inactivity and thank you to everyone who has ever enjoyed my work (art, photography, what have you) and me (in my many stages of life). it has been a fun run.

though it is fairly obvious, i have long since fallen out of the bjd hobby and community. i can't really explain it, but the charm is pretty much gone. i haven't had that itch to do really any photography lately and while i still love my dolls (the ones i haven't been trying to sell for the past 3 years anyway LOL), i have no real desire to share them online anymore. which kinda sucks? i get the urge sometimes, but when i really try to set out to do it, i just fall flat, haha. but hey! maybe one day again. i have so many more characters now i'd love to shell into dolls.

i have, though, been focusing more on my drawn art. and well a lot of other life things that i won't bore you all with, haha. but part of why i left this account in particular was all the dissent i got from actually doing art instead of taking photos--which is kind of a hassle, so hopefully some might understand where i'm coming from where i felt that was a bit tiresome. that and the limelight scene wasn't really doing it for me anymore--i kind of prefer laying on the down low with a select few enjoying what i do with a more controlled crowd. while i do post my art online elsewhere, for personal reasons, i will not be disclosing that here (though i know a few of you already know).

i just kind of had the urge to write this since i did have a few notes and comments of concern as to where i might have fallen off the planet, but yeah, i'm definitely still around. so hi!

this is D, signing off. thanks for the last 11 years.

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